Story of Princess of Kolkata: Thou are That (Tat-Tvam-Asi) (I'm the Truth)


There was a young prince in Kolkata, one day he was just wandering in the old rooms of the palace to escape boredom, his father had kept old artifacts and stuff in those rooms, thee rooms were unused for a long time.

There amongst the dusty old stuff, the prince saw an old framed picture of a little girl, he was attracted to it at once, she was indeed that beautiful. The text under the picture read "Princess of Kolkata" with the date of picture. The young prince calculated the approximate age of the princess and was thrilled. She was of his age and probably was available for marriage.

The little princess had consumed his heart, 'Who is she? What is she doing now? How can I find her?', he couldn't shake off her thoughts, the prince wondered how beautiful the princess must be, now that her body must have blossomed into a young woman. The prince wasn't sleeping properly, the prince wasn't eating properly, he wasn't mindful of any of the activities. 

The old minister in King's court who had observed the prince for days knew something was troubling the prince. The old minister approached the prince and asked "What is eating you my prince, you seem lost to the world all the time"

The prince replied "It is nothing, leave it, you can't help me."

"Please try me, I'm a minister in your father's court for a reason, I might be of some help." pleaded the minister.

"I think I'm in Love" 

The old minister gently smiled, he was expecting something on those lines.

"That girl in the picture kept in Dad's old room is consuming me. Do you know her whereabouts?"

The old minister thought for a while, trying to recollect if he had known any such photograph.

"Would you please show me the picture, I might be able to tell then." asked the minister.

The prince took the minister to the old room. The minister looked at the picture and suddenly realized the truth, "Oh Prince thou are that" smiled the minister.

"What do you mean?" asked the prince.

"When you were little, there was a drama organized in the palace, we couldn't find a suitable little girl for the princess character in the play, the queen suggested that you would look just like a princess with the right makeup, you played the princess in the play and the queen got your picture photographed after the play. It is nobody but yourself" said the minister.

The prince remembered the incident and broke into laughter, his desire for the princess vanished right away.

Moral of the story: When in Samadhi, a yogi realizes that he himself is the center of entire creation and one with everything, his desire for worldly things vanishes.